Operating Your Own Membership Site

The purpose of membership websites is many and varied. Whilst the majority tend to be related to Internet marketing, membership websites are starting to diversify. In recent times I’ve seen sites that are related to cooking, self-improvement and other topics that are of interest to a broader audience. It’s only common sense that this new trend to choose non-internet niches will continue. Why compete in a fairly saturated market like Internet marketing when the membership world is literally your oyster?

More and more people are discovering that setting up and running a membership site isn’t the gargantuan task they may have thought it would be. Granted, it does take some work, research and study, but there are very few businesses that don’t require at least some effort on your part.

Let’s look at some things that are required to run a successful membership site.

1. Passion and Dedication – It’s always easier to provide information, services and products to others if you have a keen interest in the product you are selling. If your only motivation for wanting to run a membership site is because you see others making money with them, then don’t waste your time. Unless you are willing to put the time in to maintain and develop your site you will end up with a poor reputation and a lot of disgruntled members.

2. A Good Domain – If you’ve ever looked around at other membership sites you’ll see that they nearly always have a relevant domain name. This is important as it is part of your branding. There are plenty of good examples of well thought out, branded membership sites. Names like Mr Overdeliver and SureFireWealth are good names that enhance the overall concept of the membership site and are easy to remember.

3. Starting Content- You usually can’t start a membership site if you don’t have any content. This could be information, scripts, e-books and/or your own products. When most people join a membership site they expect to see something that they can use straight away. If you have a large amount of content you don’t necessarily have to offer it all up straight away. Keep in mind that your members will expect regular updates, so it’s best to try to always overdeliver. You can’t do that if you’ve given everything out on day 1.

4. A Good Script – This is a topic in itself, but basically you need to work out your membership fees and structure first. You also need to be sure of how you are going to present your products and which payment methods and processors you will use. Once you know the answer to these questions you can look for a script that has the appropriate membership structures, can deliver your products in a way that suits your site and supports your payment processor(s).

5. Commitment – This is one of the most essential ‘ingredients’. Whilst membership sites will, for the most part, run on autopilot, you still need to maintain and update them regularly. Provide a helpdesk and a forum where members can get in touch with you and interact with each other. Some of the best membership sites are thriving communities because they provide these features to their members.

So there you have it in a nutshell. You’ll notice that I didn’t mention anything technical. That’s because with the range of membership scripts and information that is available the technical aspects and requirements have become quite a minor issue.

Yes, you really can run a membership site but to be successful it will take some time, dedication and work. The rewards for a well run membership site can be quite extraordinary though.

How To Become A Super Affiliate And Earn Passive Income By Joining A Paid Membership Site

A paid membership site for affiliate marketing is a site which offers training, resources and usually online interaction that supports your development and success as an internet marketer. Affiliate marketing can be an excellent source of home based income, however the knowledge and skills you require to succeed can sometimes be elusive. Paid membership of a specialized affiliate marketing site can provide you with everything you need to create a viable home based income in one place. Furthermore, the ability to ask questions on a paid membership site’s online forum can be enormously beneficial both in terms of answers to questions you can receive fairly quickly and also in terms of potential contacts you can make.

The value of being able to access top quality training materials through paid membership cannot be underestimated. No doubt, you have already discovered how time consuming it is to trawl the internet in search of such information and even when you find it you have no way of knowing how reliable it is. In order to make a decent home based income from affiliate marketing, you need a strategy for success. Paid membership sites offer you a variety of learning materials that provide this for you. Many of them also offer mentorship and coaching programs if you require additional assistance.

As well as being the source of essential information for home based income success, paid membership in a good affiliate marketing site often comes with the opportunity to earn a passive income from referring other people to join their site. In other words, you get the opportunity to ‘earn while you learn.’ You can put into practice the strategies you learn to make money for the site and for yourself. Because paid membership is usually on a subscription basis, you can earn residual income every time your referral makes a monthly payment. This is a fantastic way to build a home based income.

The benefits of earning a residual home based income from a paid membership affiliate marketing website are obvious. Ordinarily, you have to set in place constant internet marketing strategies to generate enough targeted website traffic to your website or blog to be able to earn regular home based income from affiliate marketing. As an affiliate for a paid membership site you can earn passive income every time a monthly payment is received from a referral. This means your active efforts to market paid membership at your affiliate marketing site will result in new referrals that add to your ongoing monthly home based income. If you stopped working on it you’d still earn a passive income but why on earth would you?

There are many ways to market a paid membership site as an affiliate. One of the most popular is to join forums of internet marketers and leave comments. You cannot directly market the site but you can have a link in your signature to your own site where you can sell the idea or an affiliate link directly to the sales page of the affiliate site. Regularly reading and commenting on the blogs of other affiliate marketers can be very effective. If a blog allows comments they will also generally allow links. You can use the comment to introduce the benefits of your paid membership site. Other successful strategies include article marketing (submitting articles to directories so that webmasters and ezine publishers can publish them with your links intact in your resource section), creating your own blog and using it to market the paid membership site, offering a free ebook with the information in it and if you can afford it, pay per click advertising.

Of course, your ability to earn a decent home based income as an affiliate of a paid membership affiliate marketing website is going to have a lot to do with the popularity, credibility, quality and payment structure offered by your paid membership site. It is therefore important to take the time upfront to choose the best possible program for your overall needs. Ideally, the site will charge reasonable monthly fees for excellent benefits while at the same time paying a good affiliate commission.

If you are prepared to do your due diligence and carefully choose the best paid membership program for both your learning and earning needs, you will be well placed to earn an excellent home based income that is ongoing. Needless to say, this is an affiliate marketers dream!

Membership Websites in Full swing!

Membership Websites in Full swing!

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Membership websites seem to be in full swing. They have become very popular and seem to be well liked by members. There are actually many reasons why you should consider starting a membership site, especially if you are an entrepreneur and love the experience of making your income online. First it produces a residual income, secondly it targets a specific market, and thirdly you are selling information or products in which you are the expert.
The most obvious advantage is that membership websites tend to produce a steady income. There is nothing better that a site that charges a subscription fee and makes a steady income from repeat clients or members. The membership fees are usually set up for a specified amount of time and that could be monthly, quarterly or even yearly.
What do You Sell in a Membership Site?
Basically there are all kinds of membership sites. There are membership sites that sell products like music, movies, programs, information, etc. There are membership sites that are network sites, or places to meet people, but the most productive membership sites are those that are selling online content. These password-protected websites are becoming the new “in” thing.
People are Willing to Pay for Information
In fact, studies made by the “Online Publishers Association” show that online content is the new way to make money, along with matchmaking, personals and entertainment.
It has been found that even small marketing areas are growing because of such membership sites. Businesses like coaching, dieting and international living are making a profit by marketing themselves through membership sites. It is estimated that Internet users spend upwards of $800 million a year on membership sites.
Membership Fees
Membership fees will vary depending on the site, what they sell, and what they want to charge. Some can be as little as $15 every couple of months. Others charges as much as $20 a month, and others may even charge as much as $200 a month. It really depends on the industry and what the customer receives for their money.
Subscription Renewals
It is a known fact that once a member has signed up he will generally continue to be a member. Most sites hold above a 70% renewal rate, which means that the owner receives a residual income over a long period of time.
Growth Rate of Membership Sites
Over the last few years’ membership rates have more than quadrupled, and that is close to a 600% growth rate per year. We are talking about a huge growth rate and this is for any site in any country.
How to Start a Membership Site?
There are a few things you should pay attention to when you start a subscription based membership site. First you need to seriously analyze your target market and you need to find a market that is really passionate about the product they are looking for.
Finding what people are looking for can be a little tricky, but you can start by conducting a keyword search. This will give you the words that are most looked for online. By doing a keyword search you will also be able to tell if there is really a big enough market for the product you are thinking of marketing to.
Your product needs to be unique and there should be little or no information on your product on the Internet for free. That way you can focus on really searching online and off for quality information related to that product. This information or product may be as simple as “specialized expert opinions” on a certain topic.
Finding Your Subscribers
If you have done your research correctly and found the market you want to target for finding your traffic and subscribers, then this is not going to be that difficult. The best way to market your site is through affiliate programs, online newsletters, pay per click advertising, and once you have all these other marketing techniques in place, you will create viral marketing (marketing from other members or sites).
In reviewing everything related to membership site ownership we can say that it is a growing industry, with residual income potential and the potential to earn well, if you target the right market and you do your homework prior to setting it up.

Creating A Cash Generating Membership Site (on A Shoestring Budget)

By now you must have heard many online celebrities talking about how you should set-up your own membership site in order to create substantial, automatic profits…month in, year out. Is it all hype or can you really create your own dynamic membership site and get paid $29, $29 or even $97 plus every month?

I’ll show you today that creating your own membership site is something that is highly achievable to practically every internet entrepreneur around – and unlike the old days (when setting up membership sites would set you back potentially hundreds of dollars a month) it’s not going to deflate your Paypal account a bit.

The Benefits Of Creating Your Own Membership Sites

For a start, consider the age that we are living in – “the information age” – today, people are willing to pay good money for a regular stream of targeted, quality information (or software) in areas that are of interest to them. Sure, a lot of information is available free on the internet but the fact is that places like Google are just jam packed with sites that offer little more than thinly disguised sales pages. It takes forever to find quality information, and with todays lifestyle time is the one commodity that people simply do not have.

The result? They will PAY you for information that hits the spot as long as they get it NOW! This makes the membership site business model highly potent. Consider these advantages & benefits of setting up your own membership sites:

You can exploit your areas of expertise and create a full or part time business simply by disclosing your knowledge/skills into your members site.

A successful & profitable membership site can be started for practically any niche under the sun from rose-gardening to the Mumbai stock market! There are an unlimited number of niches that have markets with prospects that number in the millions.

While members sites used to be for the elite with budgets in excess of thousands of dollars the emergence of quality, mainstream software means that just about anyone can set-up with minimal capital requirements (I mean under $100).

Membership sites enable you to take advantage of residual streams of income – the beauty of this business model is that you can focus on providing tip-top content so that your members continue to deposit monthly subscription fees into your bank account. In effect, you’re creating a monthly salary for yourself without the nuisance of having a pathological liar of a boss hovering over your shoulders every two minutes.

Membership sites only increase in value with each passing month. This means the longer your site is open, the more content/products are inside and the more subscriptions you’ll receive.

Owners of membership sites are able to use their sites to gain an awful lot of leverage & engineer win-win situations for themselves. The great thing about digital information is that they spit out 100% profit-margins – the cost of producing a members site is negligible but you can use your membership site to trade with other product owners – in this way you can actually get webhosting, graphics, software and even opt-in subscribers free.

While stand-alone eBooks & mini-sites will always have their place, membership sites offer something far more valuable – both to the internet business owner as well as the end user.

What Type Of Niches Can You Set-Up A Membership Site In?

Certain types of niches are simply made for a membership style structure, typically niches with a huge number of potential topics.

The below are just some examples of the types of niches that you could set-up membership sites in:

– Internet marketing related content & products.

– Finance, money, property & stock market.

– Health, beauty & fitness.

– eBay, power-selling & wholesale goods/dropshippers.

– Career development.

– Gardening.

You have to understand that this is a TINY list of the potential possibilities – the fact is you could turn practically any subject matter into a membership-site.

Are There Any Difficulties In Setting-Up A Membership Site?

The main issue with setting up a content based membership site used to be the expense involved with running it. For example, one quite famous option that many people still use has an entry pricing plan of $3500 – that’s for one single URL with a maximum of 1000 members and 1000 pages.

Not exactly within the budget of the average internet business entrepreneur!

Don’t panic because recently, a couple of classy mainstream membership site creation software have been released that allow you to set-up as many members sites with as much content as you want for a tiny fraction of that (more on that later in case you’re interested).

So now that funding is no longer an obstacle let’s look at some other potential stumbling blocks that you will need to consider before diving in head-first into your first membership site project:

Can you install the software? This may sound like a silly thing to say – after all the software you can buy come with detailed instructions but some very fresh newbies (ie those that struggle with things like setting up payment links) may struggle to install the software. Even where this is the case, they can of course have the software installed for them for a low fee (typically $20 to $50) via online forums or using services such as elance. Those that can set-up web-pages comfortably should not really struggle too much with software installation.

Can you commit to providing fresh content, resources & value-adding material that will delight your subscribers? Remember, people will be paying you monthly so you have to make sure that you have the time, knowledge and ability to provide them with whatever it is that you’re offering.

What Features Should Your Membership Site Have?

Your membership site should function quite smoothly on auto-pilot and you must offer your potential prospects the chance to pay using standard options (in the information field this is typically Paypal).

Here are a few features that you may want to look out for when considering your options RE purchasing membership site software:

-Ability to accept recurring Paypal payments.

– Subscriber should be able to automatically set-up an account with ZERO interaction on your account.

– Once subscriber ends the subscription the members-site should automatically deny them access without any interaction from you (your time is far too valuable for you to be fidgeting with manual things like deleting accounts every few hours).

There should be no limit to the number of websites that you can set-up using the software – or to the amount of content/pages that you can set-up. Once you get the taste of running a membership site you may well want to open another one…and another still – you don’t really want to pay separate fees for each new site you create.

Setting up your first membership site will be your biggest challenge. Once you implement a successful first members-site then you’ll have the skills and experience to create plenty more in the future – all churning out hundreds of $29 monthly payments like clockwork!

Residual Income Business Opportunity-Affiliate Marketing

Residual Income Business Opportunity-Affiliate Marketing

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You hear a lot about a residual income business opportunity, especially online. But what are these wonderful opportunities and how do you find them?

One of the best type of residual income business opportunity around is affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is a commission based business where you refer people to an offer.

When someone makes a purchase from a site that you refer them to you can earn a commission.

There are all types of things that you can promote as an affiliate. Some of the products you can promote are digital products.

Digital products can be downloaded instantly when someone makes a purchase. They can be things like e books or software products.

You can also sign up to become an affiliate with many places that also sell physical products. Places like Amazon.com along with many others offer affiliate programs.

These programs work the same way as a digital affiliate program. If you refer someone to a certain web site and they make a purchase, you receive a commission.

Why are these such great options for residual income? Because they are easy to start.

You can start an affiliate marketing business with very little money, usually less than $100.

Another great advantage to this type of business is that you don’t need to stock any products, you don’t have to deal with refunds and returns and you don’t have to provide customer service.

All of that is provided by the company you sign up with to become an affiliate.

To get the residual income you have to find programs where you can refer a product that has a recurring billing cycle.

For example, if you become an affiliate for a membership site, you can earn residual income over and over again.

If someone signs up with this type of site you can receive a commission every single month for as long as they stay a member.

You do the work once and you can get paid over and over again. That is what makes residual income such a powerful business model.

As an affiliate, you will want to set up a website that offers information on the products you are promoting (this is where the initial money will come in to play).

Once people visit your site the idea is to provide them with more information and a link to the vendors site where they can make a purchase.

When you do this, you can drive traffic to that site. Eventually, you can do very little additional work yet still make regular commission checks.

While you will still have to do some work, you won’t have to do very much additional work to make more money.

And, if you have promoted membership type sites exclusively, you may not have to do any more work at all.

If you have enough sales and those people stay signed up at the membership sites, you may have enough monthly income so that you don’t have to do anything else.

So, you really can find a residual income business opportunity online. There are many of them to be found, it’s a great way to set up your business.

10 Reasons To Sell A Fee Based Subscription Ezine

1. You will create residual income. For example, if you charge a monthly subscription fee, you will get recurring income every month.
2. You won’t have to spend all your time marketing to gain new subscribers. Just get and keep enough subscribers to reach your monthly income goal.
3. You can figure how many subscribers it’ll take to meet your income goal. Note on your ad that you’ll only accept a limited number of subscribers.
4. You won’t have any shipping or materials costs like offline subscription publications. You’ll just have your internet access and web site expenses.
5. You can sell back-end or upsell products inside a fee-based subscription ezine. It could be your own products or affiliate programs you’ve joined.
6. You can start an affiliate program that will give people residual commission. People will want to join because it’s residual instead of one time sales.
7. You could publish a free ezine and allow people to upgrade to your fee-based ezine. If they like your free one, they’ll likely subscribe to your paid ezine.
8. Your ad copy automatically builds itself into an order pulling machine. Each issue you archive gives you new benefits to add to your sales letter.
9. You could transform your fee-based content into another product to sell. It could be an ebook, video, audiobook, report, book, etc.
10. You could become known as an expert on the topic of your fee-based ezine. You may get hired by other businesses to do speaking engagements.

Membership Sites are a Non Traditional Way of Marketing

Membership Sites are a Non Traditional Way of Marketing

Have you ever thought of starting a membership site? Do you know what a membership site is? Membership sites target a certain market of people that either look for certain products or certain information. So if lets say you collect coins and you start a membership site with information that only pertains to coin collectors, and people can only access the information on your site by joining and becoming a member. On top of that the information you have on your site is not readily available for free on the Internet or it is difficult to find on the Internet, then this is a viable membership site.
Why are People Interested in Membership Sites?
You offer something a certain group of people want or need, Lets take as an example the coin collector again; on your site you can offer information on different coins, or a newsletter about coin collecting, this creates a rapport between you and your readers. They see you as the authority and go to your site to look information up because it is a lot more convenient than having to look in many different sites, and never come up with the information they want. As an Internet marketer, you can take advantage of this rapport and create a money-making industry for yourself.
Think about it, you have your members confidence and you can sell them products, eBooks, information or sell ad space to other marketers, use affiliate marketing and sell products that relate to your site, you can even charge a fee for your membership, or a higher version of your site, giving the reader even more needed information.
How Much Can you make from a Membership Site?
Lets imagine you charge a membership fee of $9.00 for a three month membership, and lets say you get one new member a day for three months, you should have 100 members, if those members renew that means you get $900 a month, plus more as you grow. Now imagine if you had three other sites that did the same thing. You would make over $3000 a month, every month.
What Types of Sites Make great Membership Sites?
Most sites on the Internet are selling something. They sell real estate, vitamins, entertainment, physical products, but it is usually something that they are selling, so look for a product that is non marketing, and something that is not that common and that is where your opportunity lies. There are all kinds of membership sites, sites that have to do with hobbies, fitness, dieting, etc, etc.
Membership sites appeal to every target market out there. There are millions of people with millions of interests and they are looking for sites that fill their needs. Sure there are people that want to share videos or music, but there are also people that want to share craft ideas, or child rearing techniques or want to know about places to go on vacation and membership sites can be created for all of these interests. Its just a matter of finding the right niche.
How to Find the Right Niche?
Ok, this is the hardest part in creating a membership site. It requires some creativity, some knowledge and a lot of research, and we are not just talking about sitting for an hour and doing a quick, search on the Internet. We are talking some heavy duty thinking about your interests and the ability of others that are interested in the same things to find the right information on the Internet.
Once you have thought about a couple of options, then you can start keyword searches to find out how many other people are interested in the area you have thought about, and keep looking until you hit on the right market. Your market should be found first, before you even start looking for your project.
Let’s recap! We all know that the Internet can potentially produce money. We have heard it everywhere, in the news, on TV, on the Internet. The problem is how do we go about tapping into this great resource? One of the answers to that question is by running a membership site, which will either produce revenue from membership cost or through affiliate marketing or product marketing. As our membership grows, so will our revenue. Membership sites are not as popular as regular marketing sites, so there is a lot of room to grow in the industry.
In essence, membership sites have very few if any drawbacks and a whole lot of advantages.

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Are Membership Sites the Right Choice?

Are Membership Sites the Right Choice?

Membership sites are gaining a lot of popularity both for the Internet marketer and for the consumer. They are a great way to market products for the marketer and a convenient choice for getting needed products or information for the consumer. So in essence, this type of site is a win – win situation for everyone. The viewer gets his needs met and so does the Internet marketer.
The Benefits for the Internet Marketer
When you look to the Internet to produce money, you are always on the lookout for new products, or new ways you can produce money online. You need to sell and selling online can be difficult because there is never eye-to-eye contact and this causes the Internet to be somewhat impersonal and a difficult sale, but Membership sites solve a lot of these problems.
A membership site allows you to give qualified information away for free or for the price of the membership fee. This information pertains to the interest of a certain group of people. If for instance, you are a teacher and have all kinds of interesting activities, downloads on your site, information that in general will help all teachers with their skills, then this would be your niche, or the group you want to market to. You can either offer free membership to your site with all of this great information or charge a small by monthly fee. You can even do both. Offer certain information for free, but make a paid membership available for people that want more detailed information. Using a membership site in any of these forms will produce you money.
The Paid Membership Site
If you charge a membership fee no matter how small it will give you a residual income. Let’s say for this same teacher activities site you charge a membership fee of $5 per month and you get 1 new signup a day for a period of three months, that will produce $500 at the end of those three months with the income continuing to increase each and every month. Now imagine if you had three or four such sites, which targeted different demographic groups.
The Free Membership Site
Believe it or not, many free membership sites make more money than those that require a membership fee be paid. Just look at Google to figure that one out. Free membership sites make money because they have an advantage over other web sites that only market products. They create a rapport between the viewer and the owner, and a relationship occurs. Of course, this is what any Internet site owner could wish for, because once there is a relationship, a sale can be made.
Free membership sites offer products on their sites. It can be anything from informational products as in an Ebook or DVD. It can be a product that is mailed to the viewer, and these products can be received from other companies by signing up as an affiliate marketer and offering other peoples products that relate to your site on your site. You in turn make a commission on the product that is sold.
How Expensive is it To Start a Membership Site?
One of the greatest benefits of this type of website is that they are not at all expensive to start. If you do your own web design work and use creative marketing methods and SEO practices, your site should be up and running for a couple of hundred dollars, a truly inexpensive venture for something that can produce a substantial amount of money.
Membership Sites are Hot
To get the point across quickly and efficiently membership sites are the new craze in the Internet industry, a great way to make residual income and to get a professional status in the chosen industry. If you are looking for a way to make money on the Internet then the membership sites are the answer to your problems.

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Passive income, residual income or multiple streams of income?

Which one of these three do you think that is the most important? All of them! They differ from each other slightly but all of them are important and necessary. I will explain on this article the difference and some examples for you to understand how valuable they are.

I. Passive income is to receive money while you are not actively working on the business. There are many ways to do this. The following are just a few examples:

1. To own rental properties.

2. To own vendor machines.

3. To set up affiliate marketing websites.

4. To have different investments.

5. To receive royalties from art and other intellectual properties.

The good thing about receiving passive income is that it frees you up to work on other ventures while you earn the money or to have fun and relax. They all require some maintenance on your part. They are different from a traditional business or job though. You can become financially free and even rich if you get a few good sources of passive income.

The catch is that the big effort is on the beginning. You may have to work hard to set up the initial business or venture. Once it starts making money for you and everything is set up, then you can most likely go relax or keep working on other venture to further boost your income.

II. Now, residual income, what is it?

Residual income is when you make an effort once and you profit several times, sometimes into the thousands and ten of thousands. For example, you write a book once and you sell 70,000 copies for $19 each. It may take some years to sell that many copies but during that time you could write another book, which leads us to the third topic on this article.

So, remember, residual income is to make an effort once and profit several times. You can find examples of how to do this bellow.

1. You write a book or e-book and sell it many times.

2. You create a music/software/information CD and sell thousands of copies.

3. You take 5,000 photographs and sell them as stock photography to receive royalties for many years.

4. You make an investment once and receive gradual payments like with land and real estate.

5. You sell online memberships like those offered by dating and hosting websites and as long as the client stays subscribed you keep receiving monthly payments.

III. Finally, multiple streams of income.

Once you find your first stream of passive recurring income you should jump to the next opportunity. Your goal should be to have a handful of projects or businesses generating passive income for you. Diversification is the key to success. You never know what could happen tomorrow. Most wealthy people know this. They try to have different sources of revenues.

They invest, trade, start new businesses. They are always looking for new opportunities. You need to think like the rich if you want to become rich. When your first stream of passive income is making money for you, it is a good idea to look for a few other opportunities.

Once you have multiple streams of passive income, you can relax and work a few hours per day to make sure that everything is running smoothly. The idea is not to jump from one business to the other without tying up anything well. Work to set up your first stream of passive residual income and once it is making substantial profits for you, then go find another and another and another, until you have several of them.

Don’t overdo it either because you may find yourself working too much. The idea is to have diversification, so that if one of your ventures fail you will still have the others. Don’t worry, once you start making money like this your life will change. The rest of the profits will come from your investments. So, you don’t need a thousand streams of income just 5 or 6 could be great. Some people handle as much as 12 and they feel OK with it.

Depending on what you choose to do you may realize soon that this is one of the easiest ways to attain financial freedom and to become rich. The rich know this and they do it and you can do it too!

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Internet Marketers: Membership Sites That Will Drive Your Ultimate Income

Internet Marketers: Membership Sites That Will Drive Your Ultimate Income

There are various reasons why Internet marketers should start their very own membership site. You can do such things as selling an ebook, sell PLR articles, or even have an up sell item to add to your list.

You should think about having a paid membership site due to the residual benefits that it offers. If you have a paid membership site, then you are going to want to keep adding fresh content on a monthly basis if not more often. Remember that content is king! You must not only have content that captivates your audience but lures new members to your site. Make sure that the content is fresh and new and not old and stale. If you do not know how to write, you can always hire a freelancer or buy some PLR articles and change the content around. The subscriber to your site sets up a monthly billing system that will take money out of their account so that they make sure their subscription is kept up to date.

In Internet marketing, this is as close as you will get to a monthly paycheck! This is your online income. There are many income opportunities out there on the Internet, but you have to recognize the real deal from a scam.

You can start a paid membership site on just about any subject that people are prepared to spend their money to read about. You can put any kind of content, which includes audio and video, on secure pages that are only accessible by password to registered members. It is up to you as to how you want to run your membership site. Remember, the better the site is, the more members you will get, and that translates into more online income for you!

You can choose for these membership sites to be in the marketing industry. You will provide content that other people will pay for to rewrite and then they will use this material in their marketing campaigns. This is called Private Label Rights. An excellent example is the “Simple PLR Club”!

You can develop a totally different kind of membership site which will build an online income that is devoted to a hobby or some leisure interest that people feel very passionate about. An excellent membership site subject is sports because new events and fresh content are added daily.

Some membership sites have been set up selling access to public domain material and the owner of the membership site did not have to pay one red cent to obtain the information. An old book that was published before 1923 is broken up into chapters and is distributed monthly.

Another ingenious way of making an online income in which you do not have to do anything is to develop a membership site where the members are producing some or all of the content. This usually happens with membership sites that have a forum section. This sometimes can only be done with great difficulty, but when everything is up and running it can provide a nice online income for the site owner without him having to do much with the site at all besides routine maintenance.

A membership site is one of the greatest profit makers at this time. If you decide down the road that you wish to move into another area, then you can sell the site, close it or sell Private Label Rights to the content.

With a membership site that is profitable, the choices are all yours. If you really want to make a good online income with a membership site, then you need to keep learning and reading. The key question is: Are you ready to make an online income that pays you every single month?